Tarot Card Reading Workshop, Trainer : Saainirmala
I had learnt a bit of tarot cards even before, but was not confident. But now I am very clear now about the readings, gained a lot of confidence and each & every card has been explained very clearly. Hoping to apply if in my day to day life. And even looking forward to learn much more from you. Thanks a lot.
by Chetna Lunkad
Silva UltraMind ESP System Seminar, Trainer : Preethi
Very well organized, completely enjoyable workshop, that really enables you to change your life in all aspects – health, business, relationships, and while you change yourself, you influence your surroundings for their benefit too. This course gives you the tools to take responsibility for all situations in your life, to live as a true human being, bringing live, joy and prosperity to others. The trainer, though a young owman, is wise and mature beyond her age, and truly living what she teaches. Thus being the perfect instructor, she is able to light the flame of passion, to make the best use out of their human lives in every participant. Thank you, Preethi.
by Ursula from Auroville
Hypnotherapy Workshop, Trainer : Saainirmala
After this workshop my misunderstanding about Hypnosis is gone. I can deal with any type of people now, as my understanding of Mind and different personality types very clear.
by Kavita Sundaram, Technical Manager
Chakra Healing Workshop, Trainer : Saainirmala
Fantabulous. Amazing. You need to join Tranquil Gardens to experience it. The chakra healing was an experience of a lifetime. Hearty thanks to Saainirmala.
by Raajkumar S, Travelstarr Pvt. Ltd & Vasstu Vignan, MD
Law Of Attraction, Trainer : Raghunathan
I enjoyed the workshop very much. Workshop helped me to feel more positive about myself, my relationships and career. - I feel much more focused thanks for bringing clarity on my goals. It definitely helped to clarify key areas in my life. - I definitely wake up each morning and take a minute to think through my gratitude’s and once in a while visualize in alpha . Need to practice :) I would strongly recommend anyone who wants practical guidance on Law of Attraction. Thank you.
by Prashanth, Bangalore, Law of Attraction
Reiki Level 3A & Crystal Healing, Trainer : Saainirmala
Reiki & Crystal healing was awesome. Good experience to improve our health and also heal others.
by B.Shekar
Usui & Karuna Reiki Level 1& 2, Trainer : Saainirmala
After attending Reiki Feel energized & happy. A flow of energy at all parts of the body. Move calm & comfortable. Attunement is very good.
by Prasad Rao, Bangalore
NLP - Practitioner Level-1, Trainer : Raghunathan
NLP was a Mind blowing experience…just amazing how it is useful in everyday living. It helped me change unconscious negative patterns and programming that even I was not aware. Thrilled that I finally made up my mind to attend this course.
by Harini, Bangalore
Reiki Master Level – 3B, Trainer : Saainirmala
Excellent experience. Very informative session. Highly satisfied with the workshop. Mrs. Saainirmala is an excellent teacher with indepth knowledge in the subject with great vibrations and positive energy. Thanks for the great workshop!
By Manohar Babu Kondapalli, Bangalore
Had a great time here learning Silva techniques and Alpha center.
by Emilien Gacogne, National Instruments, Intern, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
A profound experience. This course has opened up a lot of avenues to create breakthroughs that can help humanity through intuition.
by Srikontan Nirenjen, Nutrisynapzz, CEO, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
Course is filled with a wealth of information. it has given me a new perspective and understanding of mind power. I look forward to using this tool in my everyday life to come out with excellent results. Enjoyed the 2 days to the fullest. Thanks Saai madam!
by Varsha Rajeev, Excel Business Solutions, CRP, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
Feeling physically and mentally relaxed. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm here. Concepts and ideas very clearly explained.
by John Gonsalves, Shalom Life Skills, Yoga Instructor, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
Got a thorough insight about the basics of human psychology & thought patterns, and basic EFT can be effectively applied to majority of human issues.
by Nitesh SG, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Technique
I am fully confident now that I can deal with any past negative experience and release it. Thank you Saai!
by Hariharan, TCS, IT Analyst, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Technique
Really very useful workshop. I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family.
by Prashanth MD, Logica, IT Consultant, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Technique
Workshop was enlightening. Mrs. Saainirmala is very compassionate and has the patience to explain minute details also. She is a knowledgeable and skilled trainer & teacher. Excellent Workshop.
by Vimala Jayashree, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Technique
Powerful workshop. Really amazed with the kind of quick results demonstrated in the workshops. I feel confident now that I can implement the same. Thank you so much, dear Nirmala.
by Shweta Shetty, Web Bazaar, Vice President, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Technique
I attended training by Preethi, and I got the belief in myself that I can get good marks and fulfill my goals. I will practice everyday. This workshop helped me a lot to believe in myself.
by Prithvi Reddy, Student, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
I have learned so much knowledge in the workshop that is excellent for my life. Thank you, Preethi.
by G S Manjula Devaraj, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
it is knowledgeable and much higher than I expected. Thanking Preethi for all the training. It was a great experience.
by Devaraj Reddy, Fudistan, Director, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP


Attended the training with Preethi Sunallini... Learnt how powerful our thoughts are and what impact it could make on humanity & lives surrounding us.
by Shrikanta Raje Urs, Bangalore, Silva UltraMind ESP
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