Terms & Conditions

Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

Registration & Payments for the courses

All our courses requires prior registration.

You have to regsiter for all our courses at least 3 days before the scheduled date of the course. Your seat is not confirmed until the payment of the course fee is paid in full.  

Registering for the courses / workshops is always by paying the full amount in advance.

You can register for all our courses online (using credit / debit cards) or by transfering the money through netbanking.

Registration and Payment on the day of workshop is not allowed.

These terms and conditions can only be varied if negotiated directly with the staff of Tranquil Gardens and email confirmation of alternative arrangement is received..

Food Arrangements

We will make arrangements to provide simple vegetarian food for Lunch for full day workshops, along with Coffee / Tea snacks twice during the day.

Workshop cancellation by Tranquilgardens

Tranquil Gardens reserves the right to cancel any workshop and inform the registered participants 48 hour before the scheduled start of the workshop. Tranquilgardens also reserves the right to substitute the scheduled workshop facilitator on account of any emergency at any time. However, all attempts will be made to avoid this.

If we decide to cancel any workshop for whatever reason, all Registered Participants will be notified prior to the scheduled program date and the following options will be offered to them

1) The course fee paid will be refunded fully.

2) The Registered Participant may choose to transfer the registration fee to the same or any another workshop that will be scheduled in future.

Registration Cancellation by the Participant

A Registered Participant must notify Tranquil Gardens in writing (SMS or email) if they are unable to attend the workshop at least 48 hours before start of the workshop.

If a Registered Participant does not notify before 48 hours about his / her inability to attend the workshop, the fee will not be refunded and the participant can not transfer the registration to any other workshop.

If a Registered Participant wishes to cancel their registration for a scheduled workshop more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled program, the Registered Participant can choose to:

1. Transfer the registration to the same or any another workshop in future, without any penalty 

2. Cancel their registration and get the refund after deducting the 18% GST amount and cancellation charge of  Rs.500.


Tranquil Gardens is not liable for any losses or incidental costs incurred as a result of any cancellation by a Registered Participant or by our company. Further, Tranquil Gardens will not be liable for expenses such as the prepayment of travel, meals or accommodation incurred by a Registered Participant arising from the cancellation / discontinuation of a workshop.

More information

If you would like any further information about workshops and seminars, training or would like to discuss the development of training tailored to your individual or company requirements, contact us via email at info@tranquilgardens.in


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