Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards that has been used for divination and fortune-telling for thousands of years. Each card possesses an imagery and title that represents a specific concept. A series of cards laid out in various spreads to the skill of the reader conveys a useful meaning that is appropriate to the answer one is seeking.

It is also used now as a wonderful tool for self-discovery – a map for mental and spiritual pathways. A Tarot card Reading can help you get through or past troubled emotions and clouded thoughts. It offers a reflection of your past, present and most probable future, bringing a fresh perspective on your life. Depending on your situation, stepping back to revisit the bigger picture or stepping down to details of your life is just what you need to put things in perspective and bring clarity in any situation. A good, experienced Tarot reader will be able to guide you through this process with the help of the Tarot. The most difficult situations for many are those when you are confused about how you feel or what you want or what you should do. These are times when we feel blessed to receive guidance. That brings us to the most common question…


How do Tarot Cards work?


Time and again, I’ve heard many ask - How can randomly drawn cards be relevant to what’s happening in my life?
There are various theories out there as to how or why it works, and frankly the credibility is totally up to the “eye of the beholder”. Explained below are concepts we believe are the guiding forces that make Tarot Card an undeniably reliable tool. That is because it has worked for us and helped us bring clarity to hundreds of clients over the years.


Synchronicity is a much discussed concept that explains the guiding forces in the Universe. Events and situations that we may attribute to “coincidences” are actually leading and guiding us towards our desires and goals, and/or our life path and life purpose.

Quantum mechanics, Carl Jung believed, explained the phenomenon of synchronicity by attempting to explain the relationship between particles and their random interconnectivity, with behaviors being probabilities rather than certainties. This force plays a major role in guiding the Tarot cards to showing us paths and patterns to help us see and understand the possible outcomes.This, Carl Jung explained, could be how Tarot Cards work for divination.


 Subconscious Connection We all know how we view and interpret events and experiences in our life has everything to do with our subconscious. And various studies in this area have reported the subconscious to have a way more abilities and powers than most of us are generally aware. This suggests that the subconscious mind, connecting with the cards at an energy level, “knows” the choice of cards that are most appropriate to elicit a useful meaning in helping you find a solution to your question. The Tarot, thus, is a tool that helps you tap into your subconscious for answers and guidance that we may never conscious think of.

Like I said there are still very many theories that attempt to explain the phenomenal accuracy of Tarot Cards. To be very honest, we all understand and perceive life based on a "framework” of what we choose to believe. When something makes sense, it means it fits into this framework - our logic. When it comes to para-psychology, energy healing and mysteries of the mind there is quite a blurrr between what one calls scientific (in the conventional sense) and not. If you really think about it, there are many questions that come to mind – Why are life’s events placed in a specific order? Why does every event follow a cause? All current explanation comes to “meaningful coincidences”. It still doesn’t say how, or why. It just does. And that would be my explanation – how tarot card works, why it works… It just does. We don’t yet a scientific theory that sufficiently explains the technicalities of how this fascinating art is “possible”… But it is! The “proof” being “experience”. I have seen time and again, with focus and an effort to connect the Tarot cards behave in a certain manner, and it can be used to bring some benefits for me and my clients. Until the scientific world comes up with a research paper that’s cracked the code, we have just that.

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