Past Life Regression

Now that’s a topic that invites endless debate! What about you? Do you believe in past lives… that you once lived and died, and now live again?

The concept of reincarnation is in-fact an integral part of the Hindu belief system. It is a belief that, having lived in a different body, in another time and possibly another place, and having then died, someone returns again to earth in a new body, in other words – reincarnates. In fact more and more people are opening up to the idea of having lived, and died. And many want to “go back to other lives”- simply to explore the possibility that they have lived before, or because they believe the key to resolving some current situation lies back there – in a life previously lived. This is what Past Life Regression Therapy is all about.

Many cases of dramatic improvements in health and wellbeing have been accounted. Phobias are ridden, chronic diseases disappear, emotional disturbances heal, relationships improve… It need not be dramatic or traumatic either, many just feel they’re able to handle their current situations in a much better way.

Past Life Therapy is based on the principle of cause and effect, what we call ‘karma’. In simple words, every action has a consequence. What happened in the past, the cause, has an impact in the present, the effect. The cause can be as tangible as deeds, actions and events, or as subtle as a desire, thought, emotion, promise, etc. Thoughts and attitudes can create karma just as strongly as physical deeds and actions. Karma is also the framework that is necessary for our soul to grow and evolve spiritually.

Past life therapy helps diffuse negative patterns by finding the root cause of the difficulties in our current life. It will help you develop your ability to handle situations, better understand others and in many cases reveal your life purpose, the reason for incarnating. It is also a path of personal growth and healing. Here is more comprehensive list of the benefits of Past Life Regression…

  • Release stubborn fears and phobias
  • Understand relationships in a new light
  • Rewrite/revise past life contracts – promises, vows and curses made and received in a past life with “I’ll never..” or “I’ll always..” statements that are no longer applicable in the current scenario
  • Healing compulsive emotions and habit patterns
  • Clearing deep trauma –very often, at a moment of trauma, a part of our consciousness detaches itself and remains ‘stuck’. This may occur as phobias, chronic illness, addictions, recurring nightmares, unexplained aversion or attraction to someone, mental disorders, congenital disorders, etc.

What is the difference between Past Life Regression and Past Life Therapy?

Past Life Regression is an amazing experience. You may experience it like a vivid dream, an intense movie, or see vague flashes, hear varied sounds, and sometimes even feel the warmth and cold of extreme conditions, for example. As the story unfolds, you will feel real emotions. This is sufficient to satisfy curiosity. Perhaps even answer questions of “why” or “how”. It certainly gives you an insight into what’s going on - the cause behind the effect you are experiencing. But this ‘insight’ is hardly sufficient to cure or heal. It rarely makes any major difference or permanent change to your present life.

Past Life Therapy addresses the more serious aspect of this regression. It involves freeing that part of the consciousness that feels stuck, releasing the emotional baggage associated with the cause, releasing the burden that has been carried forward to the current life. Therapy approach helps you discover the reasons behind your present behavior or distress, expanding your understanding of yourself and releasing those patterns based on a new understanding. Therapy approach involves a learning that allows us to release the patterns that no longer serve us, freeing us to live more fully in the present.

In the years of experience we have noticed that Past Life issues are triggered at various stages and ages in our current life appropriate to the emotional experience of the subject at that time. So for complete healing we always suggest the approach of healing current life issue that triggered a past life impact.

Past life Regression is gaining much recognition as a spiritual healing process. Irrespective of what religion you follow, or even if you don’t follow any religion, experiencing yourself as a soul in other lifetimes gives you a profound conscious awareness that you are beyond the physical body. Healing and curiosity apart, the experience in itself is truly calming.


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