Pendulum Dowsing and Crystal Healing.. The Power to Change Your Life

The Power to change your life is no secret any more. It is yours NOW.

You might wonder HOW?

Positive affirmations and a positive attitude are known to make a positive difference.
However you need to understand the relevance of thoughts and attitude with respect to your life plan, so that the affirmations are designed to bring about a powerful radical change in the way you think and live.
People with a positive thought process are known to create a positive energy field (aura) around them, which attracts good resources and like-minded people around them. You too have a choice of mastering your life by mastering your mind.

Pendulum Dowsing and Crystal Healing, the Power to Change Your Life is a deep insight provoking workshop that

  • Helps you understand the association of the thought process governing your life situation
  • Gives you powerful yet simple technique to decode intriguing life puzzles.
  • Hands you the opportunity to understand yourself, your relationships and people around you.
  • Unlocks the door to prosperity and peace in life
  • Empowers you with a greater mastery to cruise through life amidst various challenges.
  • Gifts you deeper insights into personal and spiritual growth.

This is achieved by

  • Understanding Energy dynamics and energy centers (7 major and many more minor Chakras)
  • Discovering the adverse thought process which invites adversities by identifying the effect of thought process on the flow of energy with the help of crystal pendulum or aura photography
  • Learning the science and art of modifying the thought process with carefully designed positive affirmations
  • Mastering the skills of ascertaining the suitability of a selected positive thought process and affirmation
  • Learning the science and art of designing suitable affirmations to help oneself as well as others
  • Learning the art of using the affirmation to bring about a positive difference in your life and in the life of others
  • Learning how to deal with negative thought process coming in the way of your happiness and health.
  • Understanding how you could alter your relationships in a meaningful way by grasping the essence of the relationship dynamics
  • Finding the answer to several unanswered questions which no encyclopedia, internet or library could have helped you with.

After attending this workshop

  • You will have a handy tool to assess and modify your ongoing through process
  • Greater mastery over life to suitably modify the situation around; while being in consonance with your life plan
  • Deeper insights into your thought process and that of others
  • Instant problem solving capacity
  • Better health and pain management by thought management
  • A quick, simple self-help technique to find answers in times of difficulties and adversities.
  • An opportunity to become a professional Redikall Reader and Healer.

How does it work?

Each thought has the potential to alter Emotions, Energy and Physical Environment in that order. An expert can understand the seed thought process by examining the external manifestation; by using a relatively simple technique of Redikall Healing, you could assess the efficacy of the relevant thought process by assessing the movement of energy flow in the various energy centers in the body.

Duration :- 2 Days

Timings : 9.30am - 5.30pm


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