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Understand Hypnosis.

The hypnotic trance is a powerful but altered state of consciousness, in which the sub-conscious mind becomes much more receptive and open to change. It is really a state of highly focused attention and concentration that enables one to use all the innate capabilities of the human mind and body to the fullest. It also enables one to reprogram the subconscious mind to heal past trauma and determine unconscious causes of problems.

Hypnosis is applied in many multiple ways in medicine, most prominant of which is pain relief. Heavy headaches, migraines, backaches and even the pain of cancer can often be relieved with the help of hypnotherapy. It is increasingly being used as an alternative to anesthesia or for painless surgical procedures and dentistry. Where hypnosis is especially useful is in the treatment of psycho-physiological disorders like asthma, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions where stress plays a key role. It is greatly useful in helping people in quitting smoking or to lose weight. In psychiatry it is especially useful for the relief of anxiety, phobias and addictions such as to the internet, gambling or shopping and other personality disorders. Apart from its use in medicine, hypnosis is useful in various other fields e.g.: to enhance the ability of sportspersons, students and in the relief of stress. It can help enhance motivation, change habitual response patterns and build awareness of negative psychological patterns.

Hypnosis is a recognized medical therapeutic procedure. Even the American Psychiatric Society and the British Medical Association recognize it as a acceptable form of therapy. Hypnosis is used in the treatment of a variety of physical and psychological disorders.


Self-hypnosis is the intentional use of hypnosis for oneself. Most people can learn how to go into a trance and use it without any difficulty. Some people find it easy to first experience going into a trance with a hypnotherapist and then to continue on their own. This helps them achieve deeper trance states in a shorter period. With practice it is possible to use self-hypnosis to achieve many of the outcomes that can be achieved with hypnotherapy.

Self-hypnosis is much safer than hypnosis because it is very difficult to give yourself harmful suggestions. You should be aware of the fact that most of the dangers of hypnosis are due to inadequately trained or unskilled practitioners. Another advantage is that you are in control and do not need to worry about being exploited. Last but not the least it does not cost anything.

Hypnotherapy curriculumn is taught in 5 Levels. The details of each level is provided below:

Level -1 Basic Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
Duration 2 Days (9.00 am to 6.00 Pm)
Course Fee Rs.8200
Are you aware….that ?
  • Your Sub-Conscious mind is 6000 times more powerful than you assume it is?
  • The way you interpret information from your environment (Suggestibility) is controlling / deciding all your inter-personal communication and quality of relationships!!!
  • Your brain can be altered or reconstructed by programming it with positive beliefs and the probability of creating completely new future can be planted within 21 days…  

If you perceive that your life is going off track, or you are painfully chasing the success, money or self-esteem… please stop blaming the external environment or condemning self. 

Start looking inwards, whether you are focussing your attention and concentration on your life and give direction and discipline it deserves? Struggle in any form is nothing but self-created illusion and it can always be altered by a simple action taken with clarity to transform it. As you begin to go on an inward journey, you may find that the cloud of hopelessness will wither away, allowing the light of abundance and joy to shine everywhere.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for positive personal transformation, and with our 2 -days Class room, basic course in integrated clinical hypnotherapy (Level 1), you...

  • Will gain the power to alter negative and limiting thought patterns in life, with positive SELF TALK by learning to create positive statements for Self Transformation.
  • Will learn to interact with others aligning with their specific patterns of interpretation of spoken suggestions based on their suggestibility.
  • Will be able to discover inner confident & dynamic personality and will be able to communicate effectively using specific techniques learnt during the course!
  • Will learn Self- Hypnosis and be able to powerfully alter your personality. Will also learn to formulate positive suggestions for the self.
  • Will be able to take the first step towards a successful career option as an Hypnotherapist, if you want to make a career in counseling and therapy field.
  • Will understand the difference between the eastern hypnosis and western hypnosis and learn to deal with the myths about hypnosis
  • Will learn to hypnotize a willing individual for the purpose of Suggestive Hypnotherapy!
The topics covered in the 2 days.
  • Introduction and Brief History of Hypnosis: Deals with the history of how the process of Hypnosis evolved over centuries, and how human beings used this method for healing, manifesting and many other purposes in the past.
  • History of The Development of the Human Mind: Deals with how the primitive man lived based on his instinctual behaviour and how his mind developed with changing time. As his mind developed, how his life style changed along with his thinking, and how created his own difficulties in his life. Later how modern human has become analytical and logical in terms of his thinking and how it has resulted in challenging health situations.
  • Theory of Mind: A great, mind blowing framework conceptualised to describe the structure and functioning of “Human Mind” as never before. This will help you to understand how our mind operates in our day to day life, based upon the experiences that it has gathered right from the time of our birth and beyond.
  • How to Induce the Hypnotic State: Learning various methods of hypnotic induction for deep relaxation and hyper suggestibility. You will learn different techniques like Finger Spreading, Arm Raising, Reverse Count, and Auto-Dual Induction.
  • Theory of Suggestibility: Learning how you receive information from the environment and how you formed that pattern in your life. Understanding this basic pattern, you can communicate with individuals more effectively. You will understand why people around you behave the way they behave.
  • The Laws of Suggestibility: Understanding how different people respond differently for hypnotic inductions, will help you in choosing different techniques for achieving the greater results.
  • The FLIP Model: Excellent tool of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy - REBT of psychology used cleverly to alter the initial state of mind of the client from negative to positive instantly. This is required before the actual therapy session.
  • How to Conduct a Hypnotic Session: Learn how to put a willing person into the hypnotic state and help them to deal with their emotional, behavioral and health issues and make a difference in their day to day life.
  • Deepening Techniques: Learn how to deepen the hypnotic state of different people. Deeper they go, better it is for the purpose of therapy and healing. You can take others to a deep relaxed state to sow the seeds of positive thoughts and experience the power of the sub-conscious mind.
  • Wording of Effective Suggestions: Formulating suggestions based upon the personality type. Learn to convert the constant negative self talk into simple positive suggestions which you can formulate for SELF and others to create the desired reality around you.
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis .
  • Awakening Techniques. 
  • Self Hypnosis.

21 days - exercise of Self Hypnosis for SELF Development in the area of Goal accomplishment, Self Confidence, Self Esteem Boosting, Improving the quality of sleep and Stress elimination...

Who would benefit from this course?

This workshop is ideally suitable for all those who wish to visualize a brighter future ahead of them and are determined to make it big, in every aspect of life, but are stuck or are moving slow towards their GOALS!!!

  • CEOs and business heads who are willing to commit their focus and concentration in making their business a huge success.
  • All those who want to achieve PEACE and HAPPINESS in LIFE, but are not able to find that perfect spot in which they can excel and fulfil their desires.
  • Anyone wishing to improve in the area of Confidence, Communication, Self Esteem, Relationship, Physical & Mental Health, Stress Reduction, De-addiction, Overcoming Depression, Career & Goal Setting, Emotional Self-Empowerment and many more…
  • Students who want to increase their concentration and improve their recall ability for studies, want to learn to deal with exam stress and anxiety.
  • Parents who are concerned about their children not studying and are facing difficulty in dealing with their high energy levels, and are facing parenting issues etc.
  • Psychology Students, HR Professionals, Counsellors, Teachers, Doctors, House Wives, Social Workers, Individuals who are associated with some NGO or welfare organizations, Corporate Trainers, Corporate Wellness Consultants, and all those who want to make a difference in many lives around them by helping them to spot the special SELF within them.
  • Individuals who are practicing some or the other form of healing modality viz. access bars, tarot, angel healing, theta healing, yoga, psychotherapy etc… and are inclined to study deep sciences related to life enhancement by understanding, how the universe is operating? How the world around us is connected with the way we think? 

Basically it's for all those individuals, who wish to take charge of their LIFE and want to make a difference in their own and others LIFE around them!

Level - 2 Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions.
Duration 5 Days (9.00 am to 6.00 Pm)
Course Fee Rs.21000
Pre-Requisite Completion of Level 1
Topics covered in 5 Days
  • Hypnotic Modalities.
  • Fundamentals of Ericksonian Hypnosis.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique / Emotional Management Technique.
  • Dream Interpretation and Therapy .
  • Stages of Development.
  • Hypno Diagnostic Tools – Paris Window, Corrective Therapy.
  • Concept of Hypnodrama.
  • Age Regression and Age Regression Therapy.
  • Dealing with Fears & Phobias .
  • Pain Releif.
  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
Level - 3 Advanced Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions
Duration 5 Days (9.00 am to 6.00 Pm)
Course Fee Rs.21000
Pre-Requisite Completion of Level 2
Topics covered in 5 Days
  • Paradigms of Human Behavioral Response - Physical & EmotionalSexuality.
  • Relationship Counseling & Negotiation.
  • Use of Family Systems Approach.
  • Child Hypnosis.
  • Concept of Inner Child.
  • Energetic Cord Management.
  • Use of Counseling and Interviewing Techniques.
  • Eating Disorders - Anorexia & Bulimia.
  • Habit Management.
  • Weight Management.
  • Anger Management.
  • Sexual Dysfunction.
  • Defense Mechanisms.
  • Understanding basics of Handwriting Analysis.
  • Use of Mental Bank.
  • Understanding Basics of Past Life Regression.
Level - 4 Integrated Spiritual Hypnotherapy
Duration 6 Days (9.00 am to 6.00 Pm)
Course Fee Rs.25500
Pre-Requisite Completion of Level 3
  • Basic concepts in Regression Therapy – history & current relevance of therapy beyond time & space.
  • Past Life Regression.
  • Past Life Therapy.
  • Major safeguards for Past Life Therapy.
  • Reframing critical past life memories
  • Patterns from the Past
  • Addressing Present Life triggers
  • Utilizing the benefit of the Death experience
  • Higher Self Therapy
  • Understanding and using the concept of Parallel Realities for healing
  • Life between lives
  • Life Script and Therapy
Level - 5 Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
Duration 8 Days (9.00 am to 6.00 Pm)
Course Fee Rs.32500
Pre-Requisite Completion of Level 4
  • Concept of healing and importance of an integrated healing approach.
  • Origin and Reversibility of Disease.
  • Basic preparations for being a therapist – effects of different breathing patterns of the human system; meridian & chakra opening exercise; understanding personal energy matrix through chakras & meridians; meditations for harmonizing personal energy matrix; techniques to energetically prepare self and environment for conducting a session.
  • Scanning & healing human energy grids through tactile approach & use of crystals.
  • Mind Dynamics.
  • Talking to the Sub-conscious Mind.
  • Understanding authentic versus polluted energy
  • Dealing with energy pollution & remedial processes at physical & energy matrix level.
  • Identification & Resolution of Vows, Oaths & Curses (if any).
  • Journey of Consciousness and Metaphysics of disease.
  • Regeneration of organs.
  • Allergy Management.
  • De-addiction – Smoking /Alcohol.
  • Somatic Entry points – for Therapeutic Resolution.
  • Rhythmic Relaxation Technique.
  • Exploration & Resolution of Core Beliefs – affecting Therapeutic Approach & competency.
  • Format of Case Reporting.


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Test Data


tranquilgardensnew S.Pavan
Businessman, Bangalore The couse was a mind opening one & I firmely understand the concept of mind & hypnosis Completely. I am eager to attend Level 2 of this course. And I want to take this as an alternative career in my life.
tranquilgardensnew Dr.Pooja Prashanth
Dentist, Bangalore Hypnotherapy Level 1 course was a wonderful session with many beautiful experiences which is truly unbeleivable. I heartily thank Tranquilgardens team for supporting us to take knowledge and learn beautiful technique which will haelp us give service to people. Special thanks to Mr.Raghunathan – The knowledge what he gave and the way he taught us was simply awesome. Thank you so very much sir.
tranquilgardensnew Srividhya
Business Woman, Bangalore Very relaxed and comfortable classes. Learnt beautiful things about life and creation. Now I am fully aware of my mind and how it works. I have now realized everything is possible in life, and Life is very simple.
tranquilgardensnew Monarch Limaye
HR Professional, Bangalore The course was very informative and opened my eyes to a greatnumber of possibilities available for me in the world. I liked the method of teaching and the facilitator. This should be spread wider.
tranquilgardensnew Dr.Manoharan Pattali
Psychologist, Cochin Excellent training. Explained everything in details with his personal experience in this field. Enjoyed fully.
tranquilgardensnew Vanaja K
Marketing Professional from IT industry, Bangalore This has been an awesome and inspiring course. Raghu has made it so interesting and I cant wait to complete all levels and do some of the other elated courses like NLP. The theory of Mind is so simple and yet makes perfect sense. The self Hypnosis is easy and very powerful. Above all, Tranquil Gardens feels comfortable and truly Tranquil.
tranquilgardensnew N.Ravindran
Senior Executive in Electronic Equipments Manufactring Company, Mysore Thanks for giving a direction to a better living.
tranquilgardensnew Robin Thomas
Social Entreprenuer, Bangalore The two days were immensely enlightening and eye opener in dipelling a lot of ignorance and misconceptions. The faculty was excellent and a born teacher. I enjoyed every moment, and leaving completely educated.
tranquilgardensnew Asha Dalal
Spiritual Healer, Bangalore Very happy to learn Level1 of Hypnotherapy. Positive energy here is more. We leraned so many positive things in Hypnosis Level 1. It is a homely environment. Tranquil Gardens is a garden of positive energy.
tranquilgardensnew V.S.Madhumathi
Software Professional, Bangalore Wonderful experience with a very experienced and engaging instructor. Raghu was able to very seamlessly take me through the concepts while making it very interesting. I am going back with much more than I expected.
tranquilgardensnew Pariskshit M.A
Engineering Professional, Bangalore The course content was very insightful. It opened up to a new worldaltogether. Now I understand the basics of our lives and created an interest and opportunity to explore more on this new world which we experienced in the last 2 days. Special thanks to Mr.Raghunathan Perumal and Tranquil Gardens for facilitating this.
tranquilgardensnew Sonia Jain
Counselling Psychologist, Vizag. This course I feel would be very useful for my counselling sessions, it has increased my quest for further study in this subject. I thank my coachMr.Raghunathan, who has revealed that part of life which seemed to be a mysteryand I hope this will also help me to deal with my personal challenges.
tranquilgardensnew Ms.Rekha
Softwarte Engineer, Bangalore. It was a totally new experience. Facinated by the information, flow of the course, examples, questions dealt with answers were excellent.
tranquilgardensnew Sanjeev Jain
Engineer, Vizag Learned new concepts. I was impressed with the course and our trainer Mr.Raghu. Would like to finish other levels also.
tranquilgardensnew Dr.Anoopkumar.K.V
Clinical Psychologist, Thiruvanandhapuram. Sessions have been scientific, informative, humorous and application oriented. The instructor isa brilliant communicator.
tranquilgardensnew Netravathi Tikare
IT Analyst, Bangalore Knowledge shared is really helpful, easy to understand. Looking forward to enhance my knowledge and understanding with Tranquil Gardens family.
tranquilgardensnew Sandesh Tikare
Change Manager, Bangalore. The level of knowledge that was shared by Raghu was tremendous to help us understand the new world. It is just amazing.
tranquilgardensnew Anshoo Srivastava
Banker, Bangalore Excellent Programme. New window opened for new life.


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