1.     How does the one on one therapy session Work?

You have to take prior appointment for one on one therapy session calling any of our phone numbers or by sending an email to info@tranquilgardens.in. Normally each session will be between 90 minutes to 120 minutes. In the first session, after understanding your issues, we will decide based on our experience and your personality type, what kind of healing modality is suitable for you, and how many sessions it would take to resolve the issue. If followup sessions are required, we will give you appointments accordingly. Each session would be charged as per the prevailing price.

2.     What healing technique you will use for me?

There are different types of personalities responding to different healing techniques differently. Therapist will decide based on the conversation with you.

3.     Do you give any guarentee that I will not get the issue again?

No. The issue resolution depends on your willingness to resolve, your sincerity in doing home work, and following the practices that are suggested to you. We do not give any guarentee.  

4.     You have so many courses. What course should I attend first?

DIfferent courses are aimed at different kinds of personalities and interests levels. You can talk to any one of us at tranquilgardens to get some guidance. We bare always happy to assist you.

5.     How do I register for the training courses?

You can register online on our website, facebook page by making payment by credit card / debit card / bank transfer. You can always contact us on phone or mail for any assistance.

6.     What happens if I am not able to attend the class after paying and registering?

Inform us well at least 48 hours before the planned course date and you can attend the course when it is scheduled again. Or the same amount can be adjusted against any other course that you want to attend.

7.     What happens if I am not able to complete the course due to some emergencies?

You can attend the remaining part of the course when the same course is scheduled again without any payment. But you need to inform us in time.

8.     What happens if I am not satisfied with the class?

We are probably the only training center who offer “Money back Guarentee”. At the end of the course, if you are not satisfied, you can collect your money and go back. But we will not provide any certificate for the course. So far, there is no such incident.

9.     Which one is more beneficial....attending a course or a healing session?

It depends on the issue and its intensity. Training is a kind of group healing. Whereas the therapy is more focussed on you and your issue and more personalised.

10.   All courses appear to be quite interseting. Can I get some price reduction for doing all the courses?

Yes. If you let us know what all courses you want to attend, we can workout a good price. Please contact us.

11.   How accurate the Aura Reading is?

The Aura reading Machine that we use is from BioWell built on Russian technology. It measure the human energy field from the tips of 10 fingers. It is fairly accurate.

12.   Is it Good to see my Past life?

Unless there is an issue and for gaining complete understanding of that issue, you can see past life. Seeing past life just for entertainment is not good, and we don’t do that as well.

13.   What is the guarentee that it is my past life?

Your past life is seen, perceived and felt by you and not by the therapist. So what you say is not your past life, then what is? When you come for therapy, we the therapist will give complete details about Past life, how it works, where is it stored, etc.

14.   What is the benefit of seeing my past life?

Most of the sufferings of people is because of what happens to them, but because they do not know why it happens to them. Knowing wht ceratin things happen to them based on Karma theory gives peace and healing to people.

15.   Has anyone got stuck in the past life, not able to return to current life?

Never. It cannot happen and it has never happened.

16.   Are there any dangers in seeing my past life?

No..none at all.

17.   What kind of issues can be resolved by Past life regression therapy?

Any kind of issues like physical issues, emotional issues, relationship issues, wealth issues, career issues, and even addiction issues can be addressed through Past life regression.

18.   I want to start Tranquilgardens in my city. What should I do? How will you support?

We do not have any Franchise model yet at Tranquilgardens. You can attend the courses, the you can become trainer by attending trainer level courses, and you can begin teaching on your own. If you need any specific support, we will always happy to support.

19.   What is the right age for going through Therapy and attending the courses?

Generally we allow anyone after 13 years of age to go through the therapy or training. Basically they should have the ability comprehend what is being taught. We have had children of age 9 attending some courses.

20.   I want to become a trainer. What should I do?

At the end of every course, if you want to become the trainer, please talk to the trainer. He / She will guide you.



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