Emotional Freedom Technique Advanced Level

This level-2 gives you the skills to work with clients, it is intended for those in the helping professions who wish to add this extremely effective method to their toolkit.

You will learn more sophisticated approaches for dealing with trauma, anxiety, cravings, physical symptoms and more.

Note: You must have an EFT Level 1 Certificate to attend the EFT Level 2 training.

Are you seriously committed to your own continuous learning and healing?

Are you deeply committed to providing powerful transformation to others?

Are you keen and excited about integrating the latest developments in the growth and wellness field into what you already do well?

EFT is also great as a complement if you are already in the medical or healing professional. Worldwide and even in India more and more allopathic medical practitioners, Ayurveda practitioners, Homeopaths, Physiotherapists, Reiki and Pranic Healers or Social workers and Performance, Sports and NLP coaching professionals, finding EFT as a valuable part of their tool kit.Importance of Continuing the Self work.

EFT Classes in Bangalore

EFT Training in Bangalore

  • Working with Clients using EFT.
  • Building rapport and Trust and operating within Trust triangle
  • Using Gentle Techniques for Intense Issues like Tearless Trauma.
  • Techniques like Chasing the pain
  • Getting to the core of the problem or issue
  • How to Clear limiting beliefs
  • EFT for addictions, allergies and phobias
  • Asking questions to get to the root cause.
  • Your Palace of Possibilities.
  • Internalized Critics.
  • The Writings on Our Walls.
  • Tables and Legs.
  • Methods for Delivering EFT.
  • Working over the Telephone or Skype
  • Tail Enders and Affirmations.
  • EFT in Groups - Borrowing Benefits
  • Additional Tapping Points
  • Using EFT with Children - Age-appropriate Techniques.
  • Surrogate Tapping.
  • Scope of Practice.

Course Duration : 3 Days


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