Chakra Healing Workshop

Chakra Workshops Bangalore

In this one day course , you will participate with breathing exercises, guided meditations and visualization to help you balance, cleanse and open up your seven chakras, through awareness and understanding, along with help of Reiki , EFT, Affirmations, Meditations , Mantras and healing crystals.

Learning basic ancient philosophies fused with modern knowledge & specific emotional awareness will allow you to form and experience deeper connection with yourself and others, an abundance of more love and intimacy in your life.

  • Learn about Chakra System and human energy field known as Aura.
  • Details of Primary , Secondary and Tertiary Chakras positions, how to find blockages and clearing them
  • You will also learn how to effectively move energy upward from the lower chakras to the upper chakras
  • Expansion through awareness
  • Understanding the emotions and how they impact chakra. Liberate the soul to experience the highest levels of inner peace, calm and bliss
  • How to clear, open, and activate your chakras , Corresponding body parts and glands
  • How to balance chakras, if in imbalance resulting Negative effects of each chakra
  • Chakra Meditation and Earth Meditations , Seed Mantras / Affirmations for chakra activation
  • Chakra Exercises and healing using Sounds,Colours, Essential Oils and Crystals, foods and spices

Why continue living your life with blocked chakras that can lead to an unhealthy, depressed,lazy, and stressed-out life style. Unlock your inner potential and open, clear, and balance your chakras, and finally experience what life truly has to offer you.

Duration : 2 days

Timings : 9.30 am - 5.30 pm


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tranquilgardensnew Chidambar Narayan.R
Yoga Instructor, Bangalore. Very useful workshop. It brings a lot changes in you. It helps you to heal yourself.
tranquilgardensnew Indira Jayanthi
PG Teacher, Salem(TN). Had wonderful experience which I am unable to express. All sessions were very useful. After the two day workshop I felt most of my problems and blocks removed. I am now planning to attend more workshops at Tranquilgardens, and also share my experiences with my friends. Thanks to Ms.Saai Nirmala.
tranquilgardensnew Aruna Vijayakumar
Software Engineer, Bangalore Saai is a well informed instructor about the course that she is dealing with. The course definitely helped in co-relating the behaviors, outcomes & diseases related to each chakra & also learnt about balancing & unblocking the chakras.
tranquilgardensnew Varalakshmi.S
Software professional, Bangalore The course takes us through the importance of each chakra. It helps one to co-relate to their problems & gives solutions to overcome them. Mudras, colors, chants & even exercises are mentioned which are very helpful for the seekers.
tranquilgardensnew Manohar Babu Kondapalli
Healer, Bangalore A wonderful experience and learning course spanning two days. The detailed knowledge transfer and guided meditations are really informative. The chakra mantra chanting sessions were great and the vibrations were excellent. Ms.Saai Nirmala was very patient and generous in explaining the subject and clearing our querries. Thank you Saai Ma’am.
tranquilgardensnew C.V.Ram Pravin
Student Counsellor, Salem (TN). The workshop was very interesting and enjoyable. I am happy to be part of this workshop. The classes taken by Saai Nirmala were indepth and informative. Thanks a lot.
tranquilgardensnew Vanaja.K
Management Professional, Bangalore. Very very comprehensive and all aspects covered. I liked the relations to yoga and mantras. Also liked that we did lots of meditations & learned how to use the pendulum. The theory is so clear & I feel a lot of healing already. Saai Nirmala is an absolute inspiration & has made the class worth every second of time.
tranquilgardensnew Shobha Sreenath
Hypnotherapist, Bangalore Saai Madam is an excellent trainer. I love to attend her classes. The chakra healing course so informative and healing. It is an amazing course.


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